Abraham (Impermanence)

As per Miteiya, Abraham is personification of the word “Aham-Braham”, a root word in Tantra meditation. Abraham is symbol of “Form-less-ness”, the first step towards “Impermanence”. The relationship between Abraham and Sarah is equated to the relationship between Brahma and Saraswati of Santana Dharma.

The myths and relationships of Abraham with “Hagar and Ismael” are decoded to understand the underlying connection between Buddhism and Judaism. Miteiya suggests that Hagar is symbol of “Extreme Austerity” as seen in Jainism and Ismael is symbol of “Median Path” as seen in Buddhism.

Amongst many others, Abraham has two important sons namely “Isaac” and “Ismael”. Abraham was asked to sacrifice these two sons but the angels later saved them. Miteiya connects English word Smile with Ismael. Bible also refers Isaac as one, who would laugh aloud. These characters are decoded in detail and suggests the fact that Truth would be a “Category-Mistake”