Abraham is one of the oldest Prophet in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Islam, Abraham is assumed as a prophet between Adam and Moses. The chain eventually ends on Prophet Muhammad.

Concept of Abraham has been path-breaking in the history of mankind. His father was called “Terah”. As per rabbinical literature, Terah was wicked and idolatrous priest who manufactured idols. The cult of Terah was worshipper of stars and astronomical bodies. Abraham was opposed to the idea of selling idols and he used to destroy idols and chase the customers away. Angry Terah took Abraham to Nimrod who threw Abraham in to fire. God saved Abraham from the furnace by making the flames cold and peaceful. The same act can be seen as festival of Holi in Sanatan Dharma, wherein Prahalad was saved by God by making the flames cold for him while burning the demoness called Holika.

Terah repented on his act and God blessed him to have some portion of the world in time to come. Terah has been venerated as a wise man who took mysterious journey to Canaan in search of greater truth.

It is interesting to see how Miteiya unearths connection between “Torah and Terah” and “Terahpanthi with Terah” in the book. Terahpanthi is one of the subcult of Jain followers.

Abraham is a concept, which means “Aham-Braham” depicting “I am One with God”. This is one of the most ancient teaching of Impermanence in Biblical scriptures. Similar to relationship between Brahma and Saraswati in Santana Dharma, Abraham had illicit relationship with his sister Sarah.

Story of Abraham and the encrypted teachings in the myths of Abraham construct basic foundation of Biblical teachings.

Book comprises of detailed study of Abraham and the underlying meanings encrypted in the myths of Abraham.