Contemplation of Bindu

At this stage, you should begin to contemplate your origin as union of Sperm and Ovum. Imagine this flux to have divided into two dots (bindu) namely a white dot and a red dot. The white dot is Shiva situated at the uppermost realms of meditation. And the red dot is Vishnu manifesting as Feminine powers situated in Muladhara.

Contemplate to bring the red dot upwards towards white dot. During this process, contemplate various stories at each chakra as suggested by Miteiya. The white dot is also depicted through crescent moon of Shiva. Myths say that “White Bindu Chakra” produces honey, which is purified to become nectar (Amrut) at fifth chakra. Similar references are quoted in Quran, wherein prophet Muhammad suggests that he drank nectar in the heaven.