The biggest problem in meditation is “Pre-existing Perceptions” about God. The concept that God created the world and hence can also destroy the same fills a human with imagination about God. A person wants to start from the very beginning so that he starts on a solid platform. The problem about chronological past is the fact that there is no comprehendible chronological past.

For example, there are fossils of dinosaurs found from an era, which cannot be imagined on the comprehendible scale of chronological past. To address this dilemma, Jain mythology speaks about unimaginable dimensions and ages of their patriarchs. Such imaginationns break the perception of comprehendible chronological past. Sanatan Dharma and Biblical scriptures uses a very scientific trick to give us a beginning point. The masters of these religions make you imagine that a flood wiped out the entire earth in the past. And in the deluge Lord Vishnu saved you.As per this contemplation, you are only Manu saved with scriptures and one set of animals. Prophet Muhammad suggests the same priming wherein in one hand you hold Quran Sharif and your other hand is held by your master.

The death of chronological time is one of the key prerequisites of a voyager. Myths like Krishna’s killing of Kans, Zeus’s killing of Cronus, Hanuman swallowing Sun, Sun-Wukong hiding Sun etc. simply suggest that a Pratyekbuddha should win over chronological time before proceeding in Saadhna.