David (Ignorance)

As per the Biblical descriptions, David was a young shepherd who defeated Goliath and later emerged as a King. David was not a righteous person and had committed adultery with Bathsheba. But David was anointed by God to become a Prophet. Islam calls David as “Daud” and refers him as Messiah.

David means “Ignorance” whereas Goliath is the “Fear of Death”. An ignorant person may also be liberated from the fear of death. However David is not Ignorance but it is “Awareness of the Ignorance”. Awareness of Ignorance is the first step towards the pursuit of Truth.

Miteiya compares David with Dhritrashtra in the epic of Mahabharata. As Dhritrashtra had stressed relationship with Bhism, David also had stressed relationship with King Saul.

Saul allowed David to marry his daughter “Michel” on the payment of a Dowry. Miteiya quotes similar myths in Mahabharata to decode the secret hidden meanings. Book encompasses the life of David in great description and decodes the hidden meanings encrypted within the story of David.