Ra (Destination)

Egyptian myths designate “Sun-God Ra” as the Supreme God. Osiris and Horus merge with Ra to become the most powerful deity in Egyptian mythology. Sun God Ra is ruler of Sky, Earth and the Underworld. In the book, Miteiya shows this step-by-step transformation as various avatars of Lord Vishnu.

In Egyptian myths, Supreme God Ra was merged with Amun to form “Amun-Ra”. Miteiya suggests that Amun is the root word for “Aum” in Sanatan Dharma. Aum is the root word of Vishuddha Chakra. The merger can be seen as “Nirguna or the Form-less” aspect of Vishnu.

Miteiya says that the process of becoming “One with Ra” is called “Ra-M”. From this perspective, Ramayana becomes a “Vehicle to amalgamate a Voyager with Supreme God”. This teaching is the key teaching of all the religious doctrines of the human history.

Miteiya says that Shiva is a new name for Vedic God “Rudra”. As per Miteiya, with time; Supreme Slavic God “Rod” merged with Supreme Egyptian God “Ra” and became “Rod-Ra”. The same God Rod-Ra evolved as Shiva with the rise of Shivaism in Parthian and Tibetan geographies.