Devoid of Self or Anatta

A voyager needs to contemplate his various aggregates and break them down at level of “Cause-Result” analogy. One would find that he or she is liberated from “Material Image” of the world. This material image is created due to one’s biological limitations and Cause-Result mechanism of various forces. The awareness that every thing is caused by some action and the action is nothing but some form of Shankara; liberates you from the feeling of “Self”.

Shankara is the compounding process. During this compounding process, things begin to take shape. In simply language, it can be called Perception. The interdependence of various factors begins to compound around any thought and become a “Shankara”. A voyager would understand that Shankara does not exist anymore. It is only Shiva and Shiva is formless. All Shankara will melt into Shiva.

At this stage, a voyager would be liberated of Sensation, since he or she would be aware of the construction of the sensory organ and its dependence upon mind to exhibit a particular sensation.

At this stage, a voyager would also be liberated from “Perceptions” as he or she would understand the fluidity of data. The very dynamic nature of ever-changing Observer would also not allow any perception to form. Hence realizing oneself as a dynamic flux of fluidity would liberate a person from all perceptions.

At this stage, a voyager would realize that he or she is also devoid of “Consciousness”. There is no consciousness since the apparatus of contemplation is now dysfunctional. Mind had thrived upon input from sensory organs and memories. All these were none but dynamic flux of Shankara. This is the ultimate milestone to be achieved. This is the stage when a voyager is devoid of “Self”. Contrary to other religions, Buddhism says that there is no “Soul”, which one can call as self. However Miteiya says that this concept of “Anatta” is not contradictory but a precondition to achieve Sunyata. Unless one deletes the perception about Self, he or she cannot amalgamate with God.