Elijah is one of the important and noted Prophets in Islam as well as Biblical scriptures. He has been seen to accompany Moses during transfiguration of Jesus. Islamic references suggest that Elijah spends the entire of month of Ramadan with Khidr in Jerusalem. It is prophesized that Elijah would resurrect in the future before the resurrection of Jesus.

The biggest highlight of Elijah was his announcement saying: “My God is Yahweh”. Elijah was bitter enemy of Jezebel, her priests Ahab and people of Israel who prayed Deity called “Baal”. Elijah openly criticized the worship of Baal.

In the book, you will understand that Yahweh is biblical name of Yayati of Santana Dharma. Both these names depict “Basic Instincts”. These basic instincts are Hunger, Thirst, Sleepiness and Urge for Sex.

Sanatan Dharma says that Krishna is born in the lineage of Yayati through his son named Yadu. Reincarnated Krishna is symbol of “Wisdom”. Krishna is also called “Baal-Gopal” in Sanatan Dharma.

Elijah’s opposition to the prayers of “Baal” is scientific and wise. Spiritualism is not about learning but it is about transforming. Unless a person transforms his or her basic instincts, the journey in the pursuit of truth will be futile. Praying the idol of “Baal” without understanding the underlying meaning is “Wisdom-less Devotion”.

In the book, you will see that Krishna does give importance to “Wisdom-less Devotion”. The Gopies were devotional and in imaginative love of Krishna. They did not transform even when Uddhav asked them to transform their love from “Virtue-full form of Krishna” to “Virtue-less form of Krishna”. God allows the freewill of a human but He never returned back to Vrindavan ever.

In the book, you will also see an incident wherein Elijah spoke about a rave party in the midst of desert, wherein young male and female used to dance in front of the idol of Baal. Elijah lambasts this act and destroyed those followers of Baal.

It is interesting to understand the character of Elijah in order to understand the importance of “Convergence”. Unless the basic instincts of the voyager are transformed, the dog or the Anubis would force the soul to take rebirth in the cycle again and again.