Factors effecting Rebirth

Miteiya speaks about various factors that would eventually affect the recourse of a soul post the biological death. Taking examples of Anubis from Egyptian mythology, Miteiya speaks about weight of the heart in the period of Purgatory. He says that a person’s heart should be pure in order to achieve liberation.

Basic instincts like “Urge for Sexual Gratification”, Anger, Jealousy, Ignorance, Attachment, Guilt etc. may play a very important role in determining the fate of deceased soul. Miteiya during his discourses upon “Battle of Kurukshetra” explains the mechanism to resolve these vices on a permanent basis.

During the decoding of Greek mythology, Miteiya takes example of Battle of Troy and explain the same teachings. In Quran, the same teachings are explained using the example of “Battle of Badr”. Such battles are symbolic and represent the permanent reconciliation with human psyches.

Miteiya says that “Death of Desires” is the major milestone to be achieved in order to liberate from the cycle of “life and death”. The same concept has been explained through death of Karn and death of Patroclus in Sanatan Dharma and Greek mythology respectively.