Gilgamesh is the ancient Sumerian King and has been the most important character in Mesopotamian mythologies. Historically Gilgamesh would have appeared in 2800 BC. There are 5 epic poems written to narrate the story of Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu were twin brothers wherein Enkidu was raw and unpolished. Once Gilgamesh helped Goddess Innana in driving away creatures, which were infesting her Huluppu tree. Innana gave two unknown objects called Mikku and Pikku to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh lost them. Gilgamesh also lost his twin brother Enkidu. The shadow of Gilgamesh led him in a Quest, wherein he retrieved an Eternal Emerald.

The story of Gilgamesh is heroic in nature, wherein he takes the Quest and transforms into a new person. Such heroic journeys are integral part of every prophet. The story has great resemblance with mythological character called Jalandhar in Sanatan Dharma.

It is interesting to see this character in detail in the “Book” and understand how this character is aligned with Ganesh of Sanatan Dharma.