Heaven & Hell a concept

Miteiya suggests that societies are predominantly filled with people of mediocre wisdom. This was not only true in past but can be seen in present day life also. These mediocres are tied up with four brothers named Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas and Menoetius. A Prometheus keeps a person engaged in fears and expectations from future. Epimetheus keeps the person in regret about past. Atlas loads him with sense of responsibilities and Menoetius makes him forget his real Godliness and potential of becoming a superhuman.

It is very difficult for a Buddha to liberate people from such bondages in short duration of time and casual approach. These people see world with only two perspectives. One perspective is to “Increase Pleasure”. And another perspective is to “Decrease Pain”. These people also called “Carvakas” do not desire wisdom or Buddhahood. Such people comprise a large percentage of audience and expect immediate results from the master. A master should always bless these people as they are at least not hypocrites and do not oppose the master.

To begin with a master teaches simple teachings with tangible benefits. To make them steadfast with small teachings, a master generally uses the concept of Heaven and Hell.