How to Construct a Mahayana

As said earlier, Mahayana is the flying vehicle and can be contemplated like a coiled dragon. This can be constructed by cleansing your senses and practice “Celibacy”. The energy is concentrated at the first chakra or the Muladhara. Do not visualize anything since there are all the chances that such visualizations are simple hallucinations. One needs to keep his or her digestive track clean and clear to succeed in realizing this energy.

In the beginning, it will be difficult to focus upon the base of the spine and feel the energy. But with right contemplation, you will be able to achieve the same. Do not make any guesswork and do not fake anything. 99% of the “Sadhaks” are not able to clear their “Muladhara” or the Pratham chakra due to lack of right master. In Egyptian myths and most of the other myths; Horus, Krishna and Jesus are shown in their infant forms nourished by their respective mothers named Isis, Yashoda and Mariam. These infants are the “Yana” or the “Vehicle”. With discipline and dedication, one needs to nourish his or her vehicle to reach upper realms.