Like every other prophets, a Sammasambuddha would also face hypocrites during his tenure of teaching. Prophet Muhammad lambasted such hypocrites however he also mentioned a story about Jonah and praises him. In the story of Jonah, Jonah was asked to go and warn the people of Nineveh about their wrong doings. God asked him to warn the people of a forthcoming punishment in case the residents of Nineveh did not follow the righteous path.

Jonah was reluctant but eventually warned the people repeating the words of Allah. Jonah expected the punishment and waited to see the same from a distance. He built up a hut on the outskirts of the town and waited for Allah to send down the punishment. However Allah did not punish them and gave them a chance to improve.

This story simply says that God may punish or forgive the hypocrites. The purpose of a Sammasambuddha is simply to teach and warn the people. A Sammasambuddha hence needs patience with such hypocrites. God will not come to prove him right or wrong. He is not the manager between God and humans but a simple warner.

The epic of Mahabharata depicts Gandhari as symbol of Hypocrisy. Gandhari cursed Krishna to death however Krishna did not harm her ever and gave due respect. Quran depicts story of a blind man who came to prophet Muhammad for wise words. However prophet Muhammad frowned and ignored him. God advised prophet to remain compassionate to such people.