Introduction to Mahayana-Sutra-Alamkara-Karika

The word “Mahayana-sutra-Alankara-Karita” means a doctrine that would explain the “Jewel-Like virtues” of Mahayana. Mahayana comprises of two words viz. Maha and Yana, which means Great and Flying Vehicle respectively. It is said that people who composed this doctrines were earlier Kashyapa.

In the book, Miteiya has explained the real meaning of Kashyapa, who is father of all the gods, demons, humans and spirits. In fact Kashyapa is symbolized through a tortoise as mentioned in the Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu. In Buddhism, virtues of the same tortoise are symbolized through Kassapa Buddha. Please understand this concept properly as below:

Mahayana is a type of Sadhana or Meditation. Since these are inward journeys, you would have no external help in this journey. The very presence of a master besides you and the expectation of external help will be a great impediment. Tortoise means “Completion of attainment of Religious Knowledge”. This tortoise does not only mean the knowledge but it also means the complete mastery over the knowledge through use of contemplation. Before initiating the internal journey, one must have complete knowledge of the psyches, feelings, emotions, stimuli etc. The same has been provided to you through brief content in “Human Potential” section. Unless and until you have the action plan ready, you cannot begin the battle. “Kashyapa” is hence the most important milestone to be achieved before attempting to begin the ritual underneath “Mahayana-Sutra-Alamkara-Karika”. This wisdom and contemplation would make you realize that gods, demons and spirits are nothing but symbolic in nature and resides within your body.

In the book, you would get description wisdom about the priming process before beginning the initiation but for time being, you can have a look at “Deluge and 7 Chakras” as mentioned in Saadhna section of this portal. As per “Miteiya”, the art of contemplating the 7 Vishnu avatars and breathing accordingly with focus on respective chakra would be key to “Mahayana-Sutra-Alamkara-Karika”.