Isis (Energy)

Isis is the Supreme Goddess of Egyptian mythology. The goddess is much ancient than the Egyptian civilization and finds its presence as “Goddess Innana” in Sumerian mythology. As per Miteiya, Isis is the root word for Ishwar, Islam and Ishu Massih

From the perspective of Sanatan Dharma, Miteiya compares Shakti or Durga with Goddess Isis of Egyptian mythology. During the rise of Islam in 6th century AD, the same goddess has been represented as “Asherah”, similar to Radha of Sanatan Dharma. The resurrection of “Osiris by Isis” is same as core teaching of Shaktism.

The scientific process to resurrect Osiris can be compared to elevation of “Kundilini Energy” within the human body. In Sanatan Dharma, Durga is considered as sister of Vishnu however another form of Durga called Laxmi is wife of Lord Vishnu. This relationship is quite similar to the relationship between Isis and Osiris.

Tantra meditation suggests that there are two “dots” called Bindu. The red dot is situated at the lowermost chakra and white dot is situated at uppermost chakra. Rise of Red dot to amalgamate with White dot is called Saadhna. The same can be contemplated through rise of Osiris to meet Supreme God “Ra”.