Jesus (Vehicle)

Jesus is the central character of Christianity. However as per Miteiya, the virtues of Jesus are evolved from erstwhile characters existing before the rise of Christianity.

The sufferings of Jesus can be seen in the depiction of “Perpetual Pain of Prometheus” in Greek mythology. Miteiya also equates Christianity to be a rebel against the high tax Roman regime. To strengthen his views, Miteiya compares the act of lifting “Goverdhan Mountain” with rise of Christianity. Miteiya also compares “Cleaning The Temple” with Suddhodhana of Buddhism.

Jesus is the most important character in religious history and hence comprises a major portion of the book. Various miracles of Jesus are decoded to unearth various important messages of Christianity. The depiction of infant Jesus with Maryam is in exact accordance with “Isis and infant Horus”. The same can be seen as Yashoda and Infant Krishna in Sanatan Dharma.