Judgement Day (Individual Biological Death)

In Quran, a major emphasis has been laid upon eventuality of “Judgment Day”. Miteiya suggests that Judgment day is not a day of universal catastrophe but it is either of the two days. For mediocres, Judgment day is the day of their biological death. And for Saadhaks, Judgment day is the attainment of “Sahasara Chakra” or the uppermost realm of meditation.

A descriptive account of Judgment day and afterlife has been presented in Quran. Miteiya connects the same with Persian mythology and widespread Egyptian assumptions. The onset of Sahasara chakra would melt down all the perceptions creating havoc in the voyager’s life. Such situation is depicted as Taandav of Shiva in Shivaism. In Ramayana, this is compared to death of Sita.

Quran says that if you are not Muslim but are faithful to “One Formless Supreme God”, you are in fact praying Allah and Allah will treat you as a faithful Muslim. In this sense, all faithfuls are Muslims and do not need approval of so-called “Custodians” of religion.