Miteiya believes that Buddha is a destination and symbolizes the “Human Potential”. As per Sanatan Dharma, Buddha is the planet nearest to Sun and is depicted as “Planet Mercury”.

In 5th century BC, when legendary Buddha is assumed to have taken birth; a large temple of Mercury was built in Rome. This was also the time when Confucius was born on Chinese lands. As Buddhu rhymes with Buddha, the word Confusion rhymes with Confusion. In the story of Moses, Moses could not even speak and needed Aaron to communicate on his behalf.

This necessarily means that Spiritualism lies in Beyond Mind domain and is difficult to comprehend in the beginning.

Legendary Buddha is called Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, who was born in the house of Suddhodhana. As per Miteiya, the word Siddhartha derives from two small words namely “Siddhi” and “Artham”, which necessarily means “In Order to Achieve”.

It says that Gautama Siddhartha Buddha was born in “Kapilavastu” which means “Created by the hands of Kapila”. Sage Kapila was a renowned sage in 6th century BC and was founder of “Samkhya School of Philosophy”. The story of Gautama Buddha is in exact accordance with the epic of Ramayana having remarkable similarities amongst many events.

Miteiya believes that the Buddhism grew in the same time span when legendary Abraham was resurrected in the midst of “Misunderstood Moses”. Event of Buddha can be compared to resurrection of Legendary Ram in the midst of “Misunderstood Krishna”.

5th century BC was an extremely important period in the history of mankind wherein legends like Buddha, Confucius and Lao-Tse appeared and gave a remarkable direction to mankind.

Book decodes myths of Buddhism and explains complicated aspects of Buddhism in easier language.