Khidr is relatively a lesser known prophet in Islamic and Biblical scriptures. However he has been venerated as a prophet who guards the sea and give secret wisdom. It is said that Khidr was difficult to understand even by Prophet Moses.

In one of the event, God asked Moses to find Khidr and get some specific wisdom. As per the description, Khidr would be found at a place where two types of water would be converging. By this definition, Khidr is quite similar to Sage Sandhipaani, who was guru of Lord Krishna for a brief period of time. By the very definition, Sandhipaani means “Unison of two water streams”.

The acts of Khidr were difficult to comprehend for Moses as the acts were based upon deeper knowledge.

In the book, you would understand that Khidr and Sandhipaani are symbolic representation of “Convergence”. You will also see that Khidr is extension of Canaanite God “Kothar-wa-Khasis”. Khidr is one of most interesting prophets and is described in detail in the book.