Liberation from Guilt

Miteiya says that Guilt arises when a person is remorseful about his or her acts and experiences the feeling of Shame. Such a feeling damages the self-respect of a human. In Quran, Prophet Muhammad speaks about repenting for “Giving short weight”. Similarly in Bible, we see an act wherein Jesus cleans the feet of Peter.

Similarly in the epic of Mahabharata, Kunti requests Vyas to bring back Karn from the death so that she could give him the love of a mother. This myth of Kunti is key to understand the contest between “Ego” and “Super Ego” wherein Super-Ego manifests it through “Parental” feeling. Kunti is symbol of Parental feeling. In Bhagwat Puran, Lord Krishna washes the feet of Sudama and liberates himself of the guilts.

“Giving Short weight” or “Stealing Beaten rice of Sudama” could have easily gone unnoticed from the external eyes. However a person himself knows about such acts and feels remorseful of the same. Miteiya suggests that one should make good for the same and reconcile with the feeling of Guilt before proceeding further in the journey. Miteiya compares the same incident with “Jesus’s cleaning of the Peter’s feet” in Bible.