Osiris (Purpose)

Egyptian myths are oldest recorded religious doctrines. In Egyptian myths, Osiris is one of the strongest deities and was killed by his brother “Set” to upsurp his throne. Isis was both the wife and sister of Osiris, who retrieved his dead body and hid it beneath the reeds. Set finds the dead body of Osiris and cuts the same into many pieces. Enraged Isis wrapped the body parts of Osiris in a shroud similar to the process of mummification. However during this process, the phallus of Osiris was missing and was hence replaced with a golden phallus by Isis.

With her magical spell, Isis could re-ignite life within Osiris for a very short period of time. During this short time, Isis was impregnated with the phallus of Osiris and conceived Horus. Egyptian myth revolves around a long battle between Horus and Set in order to revive Osiris on a permanent basis. Due to his temporary death, Osiris had become the Supreme God of the deads.

Miteiya compares the “Osiris myth” with myths of Vishnu in Sanatan Dharma. In Sanatan Dharma, Sati was a form of Vishnu and was cut into pieces to explain the same underlying messages. Book comprises of detailed descriptions and the scientific methodologies in Egyptian times to raise “Dead Osiris”. Like Osiris, Lord Vishnu lives in the underworld for 4 months of the year. Book also speaks about the skin color of Osiris and compares the same with skin color of Lord Vishnu in Sanatan Dharma.