For the forthcoming Sammasambuddha, Miteiya speaks about the character of “Parikshit” as found in the epic of Mahabharata. The original name of Parikshit was “Vishnudatta”, who was saved in the womb of Uttara. For the entire life, Parikshit was trying to find “Vishnu” with his examining eyes. The word Parikshit evolves into “Parikhsha”, which means Examination.

As per the myths in Sanatan Dharma, there remains a scientific ambiguity regarding the name of his father. As per the myths, there are four distinct names as father of Parikshit. Amongst these 4 names, one name is “Abhimanyu”, which means Affection. The second name is Anavasyak, which means Unnecessary. The third name is “Avikshit” and the fourth name is “Kuru”, which means Underdeveloped and Quest respectively.

This necessarily means that a questioner can ask question due to his or her affection towards life. It may also be possible that questions are unnecessary and underdeveloped. The question can also be because of “Quest for Truth”. A Sammasambuddha has to be compassionate towards the seeker and try to resolve.