Pratyekbuddha (The Practitioners)

Pratyekbuddha is the category of audience, which would begin to practice “Saadhna” or “Meditation” and experiment with Truth. However Miteiya says that one should not start practicing “Saadhna” unless he or she is equipped with substantial religious intellect. Completion of Religious Intellect is symbolized through a “Tortoise or Kashyapa”.

Buddhism explains this phase of preparedness with “Religious Intellect” as Kassapa Buddha. Sanatan Dharma explains the same as Kashyapa avatar of Lord Vishnu. And Greek mythologies explain the same through the story of a Tortoise and Zeus. Miteiya suggests that Learning is the most important phase before trying to begin the “Pratyekbuddha” phase of life.

A Raavan is needed to achieve “Ra-M”. A Raavan is a learned “Sage”. He is symbol of a literate mind equipped with knowledge of all the Veds, Purans and Sciences. Completion of this phase cannot be neglected, bypassed or compromised.

Being Intellectual in religious scriptures is not the destiny but an important milestone to achieve. Miteiya hence suggests that before taking the Pratyekbuddha route, one should be equipped with the blueprints of the human science. The journey beyond this point would be internal with very less scope of external help. The intellect gathered prior to beginning of Journey will be key to success. It would help contemplating the internal development. Please note that contemplation is not hallucination or imagination. Contemplation is a helpful art.