An aware voyager knows that concept of Heaven and Hell is meant for beginners. He is also not attached to wealth, fame and power. Such a person does not understand the purpose of taking a spiritual life. This situation is well explained through the clueless character of Arjun in the battlefield.

Arjun says, “ Why should I kill my relatives and kins to earn glory, throne or power. I do not think it worth and hence I shall not fight”. A similar question arises in the mind of a voyager as why he or she should take the pursuit when everything is Impermanent.

Miteiya decodes the teachings of Krishna in the battlefield and explains that human life is an opportunity to enhance one’s self to amalgamate with God. He speaks about Supremeness of Krishna and proves that a human is nothing but a pre-programmed robot. His actions are in fact “Compounding” accumulated over nuclei of basic instincts.

Krishna speaks about various paths, types of knowledge and knowledge of all aspects. The wisdom itself would ignite the pursuit towards “Eternal Truth”.