Solomon (Restlessness)

Solomon or Suleiman is considered as one of the Major Prophets in Islam. He inherited his throne from David and ruled as a wealthy King. He dedicated the temple to Yahweh, the Supreme God of Israel. Such permission was denied to his father David when he requested God to build the same. Solomon was hence the chosen oneand considered better than his father David.

Solomon had committed many sins but God had bestowed him with wisdom and blessings. During the lifetime of David and before the Prophethood of Solomon, there existed a prophet named Nathan. David wanted to build a temple for the “Ark of Covenant” as it was placed in a tent. Nathan however said that God has not allowed the privilege to be given to David. He was ridiculed and sarcastically advised to build his own house rather than building the house for God.

The same underlying message can be seen in the epic of Mahabharata, wherein Dhritrashtra gave back Indraprasth to Yudhisthir and his brothers. But after ruling for few days, Yudhisthir did not want to stay in Indraprasth and win it back with his own might. Yudhisthir offered a single bet dice game in which the loser would go for exile for 12 years.

It is a pity that Ignorants feel that they could be capable enough to oblige God by building their temple. Such temples are built when God wants them to be built. Solomon was given the privilege to build the first temple of Yahweh. Similarly, Lord Krishna loved Duryodhan much more than he would have appreciated Dhritrashtra.In Greek mythology, the same psyche of Anger and Restlessness is depicted as Achilles.