Supremacy of Allah (Non Self)& Sajdah(Surrenderness)

Prophet Muhammad categorically announces the Supremacy of Allah in almost all the Surahs. These statements are straight, without ambiguity and direct in nature. This statement simply diminishes the importance of anything other than Allah’s powers. Prophet Muhammad addresses Allah as the most powerful, the most benevolent and most fearsome punisher.

Miteiya quotes similar accounts in Sanatan Dharma, where Krishna announces himself as the Supreme God in a univocal statement. These statements are not about boasting the powers of God but it is to show the non-significance of human presence. Unless a person understands and realizes the Supremeness of God, he or she would not be able to surrender completely.

This concept is in line with 5th Chakra of meditation or Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu, wherein a person surrenders himself in the realms of Allah. Similar example can be seen as beheading of Dronacharya, Beheading of John the Baptist and Ravana offering his heads to Shiva.