The Cow Sacrifice

Miteiya speaks about the controversial “Cow Sacrifice” in Islam. Miteiya suggests that Cow sacrifice is not actual killing of an animal called cow but it is symbolic representation of “Killing of Innocent appearing desires”. The ritual evolves from Judaism wherein sacrifice of an innocent Heifer is needed to construct the final Temple. Michelangelo calls it “Massacre of the Innocents” in his famous painting.

As per the epic of Mahabharata, Sage Parsuram had cursed Karn that he would forget his powers and die like an innocent calf. Miteiya says that “Sacrifice of Desire” may appear gruesome but it is the most important milestone in the journey of Truth.

Desires of a mediocre person revolve around “Sexual Gratification” and “Attachments” depicted through “Anga Pradesh” in the epic of Mahabharata. However with awareness and wisdom, “Desire for Liberation” arises within a human being. Miteiya says that any desire, however pure and pious is an impediment. Only one would survive, Arjun or Karn. Arjun is symbol of “Self-Awareness” and Karn is symbol of “Desires”. Once the Self-Awareness arises, the duality between Self and God disappears.

Killing of Karn or Patroclus appears gruesome like “Sacrifice of a Heifer or an innocent Cow” but is needed. The cow sacrifice is hence symbolic in nature and does not really mean physical killing of an animal.

Its Friday and not Sunday
Prophet Muhammad suggests that not Sunday but Friday should be the day of Veneration. Prophet believes that day of Crucifixion is the real pillar of Christianity. The concept of Easter could be comforting for devotees but it defeats the purpose of Jesus.

Miteiya also connects Friday with the day of Venus. He also speaks about Al-lat, Mannat and Uzza in his book.

More Muhammadians and More Musalmaan
Miteiya’s teachings and decodings would attract many non-Muslims to understand the encrypted teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Teachings of Islam would also steadfast faith in “One Single Supreme God” and reinforce the hearts of people with endurance. These actions would result in more number of Muhammadians and more number of Musalmaan in the world.