The Dissatisfaction

The “Dissatisfaction with Status Quo” or aggression against present state of suffering is the key to proceed further in the journey. To explain this concept, Miteiya uses the characters of Mahabharata and Bhagwat Puran.

Miteiya suggests that “Sadness” is an important constituent in human physiology and cannot be eliminated unless the process is done scientifically. The Vidur and Yudhisthir are sons of Dharmraaj and have essence of “Sadness”. An all out battle is needed to address this issue. For the onset of the war, “Awareness of Ignorance” and “Anger against Status Quo” are the key ingredients. This dissatisfaction converts itself into Quest and makes a voyager restlessness to know the Truth.

At this stage, Desires would elevate from materialistic objects towards Spiritualistic bliss. A Karn needs to give away his armor and earrings on his own. The battle now remains between “Desire to Liberate” and “Liberation”. Either you will be liberated or your “Desire to Liberate” would remain alive. In Buddhism, this phase is depicted through renunciation of Buddha.