The Eight-fold path for Sravakas

Buddhism speak about 8 practices namely Right view, Right resolve, Right speech, Right conduct, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right mode of meditation. Since these teachings are meant for Sravakas, Miteiya has adopted the same and wish to propagate the same order. Miteiya quotes a story about Rukmi, who resided in Bhojakuta. This story suggests that food intake has profound impact on activeness of a human. Rukmi represents Inertia and laziness, which is shame on a human being. In this teaching, Miteiya goes deeper and explains the meaning of “Suddhodhana”, which means cleansing of Senses. Miteiya talks about the same topic during his decoding of Quran Sharif, wherein prophet Muhammad speaks about cleanliness of his 5 family members during his discourse in Ghadir Khumm.

Miteiya reminds of Arjun’s individual exile or voyage and decodes the same for the reader. The decoding of Arjun’s personal exile is great learning for a person to attain “Right Perspective”.

Miteiya speaks about Salya, the symbol of “Discipline” and reminds about the usefulness of discipline in the voyage of truth. However he also mentioned that Salya was killed with a diamond stud arrow. The teachings in this section are meant for beginners and hence Miteiya suggests them to follow right food intake, cultivate right approach and develop the desire to learn. Miteiya believes that teachings meant for Sravakas are subjected to change as per the need of the time.