The Main Driver of Mahayana

The answer to this question is the biggest trick to ride your “Mahayana”. Please be reminded of the “Battle of Kurukshetra”. In the book, you will notice that the battle is not historical but symbolic representation of interdependence and exhibition of various interconnected psyches and emotions. Please be reminded of the main plot in the “Battle of Kurukshetra”. This plot was between Yudhisthir and Dronacharya. You now know that Yudhisthir is “Internal Gaze” and Dronacharya is symbol of “Mind”. As per the plot, Dronacharya does not want to kill Yudhisthir but wants to enslave him. This can be contemplated as “Mind’s effort to render Internal Gaze useless”. Please remember this plot and do not let your “Internal Gaze” get trapped into wandering thoughts sent by Mind or Dronacharya.

Now the question arises as how to strengthen the Yudhisthir and make Mahayana a powerful vehicle. To do this, please ensure privacy to “Yudhisthir and Draupadi”. Please keep in contemplation that Yudhisthir is “Internal Gaze” and Draupadi is symbol of “Sexual Energy”. This internal Gaze should focus upon the Sexual Energy situated at the genital and you should breathe into the genitals. Ensure to see that there is no disturbance in this romance. Your self-awareness is symbolized through Arjun but make sure that your self-awareness also does not disturb this copulation. Internal Gaze fixed upon genitals and deep breathing upon the same is key to uplift your vehicle.