The Need to take Action

To explain this, Miteiya refers towards the Greek story of Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas and Menoetius. These four brothers keep a person engaged in future, past, sense of responsibilities and negation of self-potential. Under the influence these brothers, a person is always engaged and busy in mundane works. He or She believes that there is enough time left in the life to pursue spiritualism.

Christianity speaks about the first miracle of Jesus, wherein Jesus and his disciples had gone to attend a marriage function. Maryam noticed that the wine was exhausted and requested Jesus to create some wine with his magical powers. This wine is nothing but “life”. In the midst of social mundane work, the life gets exhausted without giving any notice. One has to start the pursuit towards Spiritualism much before the “wine of life” is exhausted.

Miteiya suggests that both Krishna and Bhism were 8th children. Their 7 siblings had died immediately after their birth. Life of these 7 siblings was nothing but a non-event. One has to realize that this present life should not be wasted like a non-event and should be put to a greater use. As mentioned in the book, Krishna is symbol of “wisdom” and Bhism is symbol of “soul”. The combination of wisdom and soul is a “Successful Human Life”. Miteiya further says that Krishna is great grandson of Yayati, wherein Yayati depicts “Basic Instincts”. A mediocre life revolves around basic instincts and is nothing but a non-event. One should hence wake up and realize the importance of present life. Such awakening is the major teaching of “Abhisamayalankara”.

Abhisamayalankara is a fabulous science. It works in systematic manner encompassing 4 steps. In the first step, it awakens all the aspects in its full vigor. In the second step, it culminates clear realization. In third step, it serials clear realization. And in fourth and final step, a voyager has clear realization in a single moment. The clear and full realization of all the aspects in a single moment is “Abhisamayalankara”. It is something like seeing yourself within the “Vast Form of Krishna”. Miteiya warns the voyager against creating any perception about this realization and achieve the same in real time. Any previsualization may be detrimental.