The waiting period

All the mythologies suggest that there is a waiting period called “Purgatory”. This concept is well accepted in all the mythologies like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Sanatan Dharma. Miteiya speaks about “Gehanna” in Judaism which is same as Purgatory. These religious doctrines believe that there is a waiting period between death and rebirth.

All the mythologies speak about forgiveness of the Supreme God but also suggest that such forgiveness is difficult to achieve. A person should hence ensure right acts and renunciation during the biological lifetime.

Miteiya speaks about “Garuda Puran” alongside various other scriptures like Padma Puran, Sattva Puran, Bhagwat Puran and Vishnu Puran. The teachings in these Purans are meant to dissociate a living being from various bondages.

Miteiya emphasizes upon “Vishnu Puran” narrated by Bhism on his deathbed. The waiting period for Bhism between his injuring and death is symbolic representation of “Purgatory”. In the teachings, Bhism calls upon Krishna as Lord Vishnu and explains the importance of Wisdom during the death.