What is Mahayana

Mahayana is extension of the concept of Horus or Garud from Egyptian myths and Sanatan Dharma respectively. It is symbol of Kundilini energy. In Sanatan Dharma, the kundilini energy has been represented as a snake while the flying vehicle of Vishnu is referred as a celestial eagle called Garud. Mahayana is a combination of the snake and the eagle. In Chinese myths, we see this combination as unique and unprecedented animal called “Dragon”.

Assume the entire set of three kundilini ducts comprising of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna as a bundle. This bundle is coiled at the base by 3 and a half coil and appears like a snake. This formation would create a seat like object to lift you up through chakras. The fuel of this vehicle is going to be your internal sexual energy. It is impossible to convert your sexual energy into kundilini energy instanteously. This conversion happens over a long time and needs complete discipline.