Anger is one of the most important psyches in human behavior. Miteiya equates “Achilles of Greek mythology” and “Duryodhan of Mahabharata” to explain the psyche of Anger. It is interesting to see how Miteiya relates the causes of anger with the life of Duryodhan.

Miteiya says that “Denial of Right” is one of the major causes of Anger. Duryodhan was denied the throne in spite of the fact that he was prince heir of Dhritrashtra. His right over throne was further justified since none of the Pandav prince was son of Pandu. They were rather sons of Kunti alone.

The second reason for Anger is “Insult”. This has been depicted through a myth wherein Madri called Duryodhan as “Son of a Blind”.

In the book, you would read that Duryodhan was a just king and praised by Balram and Krishna. Miteiya suggests that Achilles of Greek mythology has various virtues and traits of Duryodhan depicting “Anger”. As Karn was friend of Duryodhan, Patroclus was friend of Achilles. This subject has been spread across the book on many occasions and is an enlightening discourse of Miteiya. The relationship between Desires and Anger has been one of the biggest areas of understanding. Miteiya emphasizes upon “Desire to Liberate” as one of the major virtues of the voyager.

Torah speaks about David and Solomon as chosen people. Masters of Torah specifically suggests that both David and Solomon were not deserving candidates but were chosen candidates. David committed various mistakes and so did Solomon. Similarly Dhritrashtra and Duryodhan were neither painted naïve nor demonic. These duo simply suggest “Awareness of Ignorance” and “Anger against Status-Quo”