Basic Instincts

Hunger, Thirst, Sleepiness and Urge for Sex are the four basic instincts in any living being including animals. A living being carries out a “Predefined Action” on receipt of a stimulus. Such Predefined Actions are predictable and does not differ much from any animal. Basic instincts are hence called “Animal Instincts” also.

In the Old Testament, this instinct is depicted through Jehovah. In Sanatan Dharma, it is symbolized by Yayati. Egyptian myths call it Anubis. In general sense, this instinct is devoid of judgmental sense and works on only two principals. These principals are “Eliminate Pain” and “Increase Pleasure”. In the epic of Mahabharata, Yayati has been shown as the most powerful King administering no differentiation between Devyani and Sharmishta, his two wives depicting opposing virtues.

Bible calls this instinct as “Yahweh”, the most powerful force in human psychology. It is said that Yahweh can only converge into Wisdom. A Dog can only convert into God. This teaching is strengthened by the depiction wherein a dog follows Yudhisthir till the end of his life.

Basic Instincts should not be confused with reflex actions. It is not like ducking down if encountered with a stone or blinking eye if encountered with bright light. The basic instinct is not taught but is inherent in the living being. A newly born infant approaches for the “breast-feed” without any training or previous experience. Such pre-existing programming of the living being is called Basic Instincts.

In the lineage of Yayati, Yadu would take birth and from Yadu will arise the reincarnated Krishna, the symbol of wisdom.