Humanity has witnessed cyclical phases of decades of Ignorance and Wisdom in past and shall continue to do so in the future. During a phase of ‘Wisdom’, a Messenger or a Prophet does not try to tamper with or alter the existing reservoir of Wisdom. He or She only decodes its true meaning and present it to the world at large in a more simplified and relevant language and has a universal appeal.

Spirituality is not same as Religion. Spirituality is the path that takes you towards Self-realization… attaining that bliss that you feel when you are ‘One With God’. This path or the process is not vague but highly scientific and defined. Conversion of Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy is a well-crafted process and is often called “Yana” or Vehicle.

Vasistha means “Special People” and Vishwamitra means “Friend of the world”. The battle becomes Since ancient times, this battle continues… of whether the TEACHING of this “Scientific Process” should remain with selected few or it should be propagated to people at large in simpler and easier language.

Although religious scriptures do not directly talk about conversion of sexual energy and elevation, the subject remains core teaching of the prophets throughout history.

Another biggest road-bock to Spiritualism is “Problem of Meaning”. As the scriptures become dusted with ignorance, the real meaning of the myths becomes non-comprehendible. The battle of the prophets is to simplify the existing doctrines in simple language.

In Sanatan Dharma there is mention of a perpetual battle between “Vasistha” and “Vishwamitra”. In literal sense, the word Vasistha means “Special People” and the word Vishwamitra means “Friend of the world”. The battle becomes the plot wherein whether the Mechanism to “Convert Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy” should remain in captivity of certain specialized people or the doctrine should be simplified for the uplifting of people at large.

The process to become “One with God” needs reconciliation with all the human psyches and needs unlocking of various virtues. All the religious scriptures of humankind are encrypted and targeted to address the same goal. The myths could defer but the teachings are identical and rock-solid.

In the Old Testament, we notice a tussle between Moses and Pharaoh. Moses wanted to liberate his people from the slavery of the “Special People” and take them to the Promised Land. In Persian myths, Mithra would reincarnate and do the same. And in Buddhism, Maitreya would appear and do the same. Krishna also suggests that when religious doctrines would become difficult to comprehend, He would reincarnate and reset the wheel of Dharma.