Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha)

The fifth chakra is situated in the throat and is called “Vishuddha”. Vishuddha means completely pure. The deity at this chakra is “Panchavaktra Shiva”. Miteiya suggests that at this stage, one would not be able to get primary data from the organs, as the Mind is rendered inactive. However, the phantom organs depicted through the word “Panchavaktra” would continue to help the voyager in the further journey.

Miteiya suggests contemplating “Shiva’s suspension of Poison” in the throat at this stage. In this sense, you do not interfere in any subject but keep it suspended in the median. From perspective of Sanatan Dharma, you should contemplate Ram avatar of Vishnu, who abandons Sita. Sita is symbol of perceptions. At this stage, you will have to abandon all perceptions and cleanse yourself from any thought, perception, visualization, hallucination or expectation.