Fourth Chakra (Anahata)

In Sanskrit Anahata means “Invincible”. This chakra is associated with calmness and surrenderness. This chakra specifically means Hearing a sound that is not produced by clashing two objects but is eternal in nature. This is because “Duality” ends at this stage. You surrender yourself completely to Allah and melt down the boundaries between him and you. Miteiya suggests contemplating Vamana Avatar at this chakra.

As king Bali presented his head to Lord Vishnu and surrendered, a voyager should surrender his mind in order to pursue further in the journey. From Christian perspective, a voyager can contemplate beheading of John the Baptist at this chakra. Please note that you are making way for Jesus to come in your life at this chakra of meditation.

Prophet Muhammad explains this stage as “Sajdah”, where a voyager surrenders in front of Almighty Allah and seek his blessings. From perspective of Mahabharata, contemplate this stage to the beheading of Dronacharya. Dronacharya depicts Mind. You can also contemplate yourself as a learned Ravana, who is offering his head to please Shiva. While contemplating Shiva, please refrain from any imagination as Shiva is “Beyond”. This chakra is situated at the center of the chest-cage superimposing the heart.