Sense of Hearing is the fifth human sense. Miteiya compares Sahadev of Mahabharata and Orpheus of Greek mythology in order to explain the sense of hearing.

Ability to comprehend and hearing can be labeled as Auditory perceptions. A person detects vibrations or change in air pressure and transduces them to nerve system. These nerve impulses are detected by temporal lobe of the brain.

While decoding Sahadev, major focus has been upon learning since verbal propagation was the only mean in that era. Miteiya speaks about the symbol of silver swan and connects it with “Song of the Swans”. Reader should also focus upon Miteiya’s commentary upon “Sravakas” in Buddhism.

To know more about Sound and Acoustics, a reader should also notice Miteiya’s description of Egyptian culture. Herein Miteiya speaks about remarkable TEACHING of Sumerians and Egyptians in regards to “Sound Energy”. There are historical references suggesting cure of ailments through use of sound energy.

A reader should also focus on Miteiya’s talk on “acoustics in temple”
in Part 3. Miteiya explains the effect of acoustics in attaining stage of trans.