Miteiya equates “Hypocrisy” with the character of Gandhari in the epic of Mahabharata. Miteiya says that he does not have problems with Ignorance but would have problems with Hypocrisy of the people.

There is no problem if a blind man cannot see. But the problem arises when a normal person binds a blind over his or her eyes.

Miteiya speaks about various myths related to Gandhari. He talks about a goat whom Gandhari married before she married Dhritrashtra. Miteiya speaks about Shakuni and equates him to “Suicidal Tendencies”.

With all the characters, Miteiya has been lenient and has tried to be neutral. But with Gandhari, Miteiya is ruthless in his criticism. Gandhari looks through the blind and chars the heel of Krishna. She also curses him to die without any lineage. This character of Gandhari simply suggests that Hypocrisy is going to be the biggest enemy in the pursuit of truth.