In the epic of Mahabharata, Dhritrashtra is symbol of Ignorance. Miteiya also compares Oedipus from Greek mythology to Dhritrashtra. In Part 4 of the book, Miteiya draws comparison between Dhritrashtra and “David” of Torah. Miteiya believes that an ignorant person may also not be afraid of death and defeat Goliath in an easier manner than a wise man.

Miteiya believes that Ignorance is not a bad virtue and may be the reason of happiness. As per him, Dhritrashtra is also one of the four kings who has kept the weight of earth on his head. In his book, you will read about Adam and Eve, who lived happily with God unless they ate the fruit from tree of everything. This fruit was symbol of desire to know everything.

Miteiya suggests that “Ignorance” could lead to birth of various vices. Ignorance needs to be subdued through a disciplined approach. In this pursuit “awareness of own ignorance” is the first step. Torah speaks about David and Solomon. Muhammad speaks about Daud and Suleiman. And Mahabharata talks about Dhritrashtra and Suyodhan.

Miteiya suggests that the combination of two characters Dhritrashtra and Suyodhan is the key. Dhritrashtra is “Awareness of Ignorance” and Duryodhan is “Anger against Present status of Life”. Book contains descriptive explanation of psyche called Ignorance and its religious symbolism.