Internal Sight

In this book, Miteiya speaks about two characters namely Perseus and Yudhisthir to depict the psyche called “Internal Sight”.

In this discourse there are various cross-references between Athena of Greek mythology and Dharmraaj of Santana Dharma. The discourse about Internal Sight is spread across various discrete chapters. While few teachings are given during discussion of characters like Perseus and Yudhisthir, the major discourse is given during Miteiya’s discourse on “Dharma-Dharmatama Vibhaga” in Part 3.

Miteiya has quoted the battle between Yudhisthir and Dronacharya on more than one occasion and suggests that Mind would continuously attempt to captivate “Internal Gaze or Internal Sight”.

Miteiya gave immense importance to this plot of Kurukshetra and has used the same example in his various discourses. Miteiya believes that the battle was fought under kingship of Yudhisthir and he was the only survivor who could reach heaven with a stray dog. Interesting discourse spread across various religions is enlightening in nature.