Latent Memories: Yadu, Jacob or Mnemosyne

Every human being has latent memories deep rooted in the neurons of brain. The data in these neurons could be raw, processed, perceived or rejected. Whatever the nature of data may be, it remains stored in encoded form. Whenever a person is subjected to new data, the process of “Recognition” and “Recall Data from the Memory Bank” is initiated. This cognitive force is key to human behavior.

Religious scriptures suggest that the memories of past events may comprise of memories of past life also. Greek mythology calls this cognitive force as mnemonic, and the associated goddess is called Mnemosyne. Similarly, Santana Dharma calls the same force as “Yadu”, the great grandfather of Krishna. And The Old Testament refers the same force as Jacob.

As Krishna would be born in the lineage of Yadu, Goddess Mnemosyne gives birth to various Muses. We will see further in the book that “Moses” of the Old Testament has all the virtues of Reincarnated Krishna. This necessarily means that Wisdom arises due to recall of Latent Memories. At some stage, a person is reminded of his own potential and he or she resorts to harness the wisdom.

Memories are not stored in brain but every organ and body part stores its own memories. It is said that all the Senses have memories, which may last for 1-2 minutes. In this sense, Memory is a part of Basic Instinct. To strengthen this view, Sanatan Dharma says that Yadu was elder-most son of Yayati. Similar to Mnemosyne, Yadu is symbol of Memories and Yayati is symbol of “Basic Instincts”.

Similarly in the Old Testament, there exists a character named Jacob who was son of Isaac and Rebecca. In the book, you will see that Isaac is the destiny of Abraham. Such destinies cannot be remembered completely as they are beyond the domain of mind. Jacob symbolizes the faded memories of “Enlightenment Bliss” Latent memory is hence a very important connecting link between “Basic Instincts” and “Wisdom” as depicted through the lineage between Yayati and Reincarnated Krishna.