Logics and Inferences

Miteiya equates Theseus of Greek mythology and Bhim from epic of Mahabharata to explain the psyche of “Speech”.

It should be noted that Bhim is one of the most important characters in the epic of Mahabharata. He is sole killer of all the Kauravs, depicting the fact that all vices can be subdued through logical understanding only. Bhim had been bullying in nature since his very childhood.

Jarasandh was one of the biggest enemies of Krishna. Krishna suggested subduing Jarasandh before even thinking about battle of Kurukshetra. Bhim could kill Jarasandh using a hint given by Krishna. It should be noted that Krishna himself could not kill Jarasandh on various occasions. He needed Bhim to do the act. Similarly you would find the story of Minotaur in Greek mythology. At some instances, Heracles is shown killing Minotaur while at some other instances Theseus is shown killing Minotaur.

Epic of Mahabharata suggests that Bhim killed Jarasandh with the help of Krishna. You would notice that Heracles is compared to Krishna in this book.

Bhim was extremely strong and used mace. He was ace rival of Duryodhan and was often defeated by him. Bhim used his physical strength while Duryodhan used his mace-fighting techniques.

Miteiya speaks about encounter of Bhim with Hanuman in the epic of Mahabharata. Discourse about Bhim spreads across the entire Mahabharata, as he is the prominent character in the epic.

The myths involving Bhim in the battle of Kurukshetra are quite interesting and the discourse contains elixir of wisdom.