Wisdom: Krishna, Moses or Poros

By the very definition, Miteiya explains wisdom as “Critical Contemplation of Own Knowledge” and “Prudence”. Greek mythology explains the unfolding of “Wisdom” in a very apt manner through a myth revolving around Zeus and Metis.

The myth says that Zeus married a woman called “Metis” and was hence also called “Metieta”. Metis is goddess of wisdom. As Reincarnated Krishna is born in later generation of Yayati, Metis can also be seen in later generation of the Titans. Like reincarnated Krishna, Metis has also been depicted with “Cunningness” and “Magical Powers”.

In spite being super powerful, Zeus was afraid to copulate with Metis. It was prophesized that Zeus would bear very powerful children with Metis. One of them would be Athena, while another child would upsurge and eventually overthrow Zeus himself. Please keep in mind that Zeus is symbol of “Quest”.

Once Zeus could not control himself and slept with Metis. However fearing the prophecy, Zeus converted Metis into a fly and swallowed her. A fully developed and armored Athena came out tearing the head of Zeus. In spite of the prophecy, the son was not born and it is said that “Poros” is the real son of Zeus and Metis, who can eventually overthrow Zeus. The word “Poros” evolves into “Purush” or Celestial Man. Athena is the “Goddess of Judgment”. Wisdom can hence be defined as “Wife of Quest” and “Mother of Judgmental Sense”. Wisdom and Quest can together produce an offspring, which can satisfy the “Eternal Quest”.

Perseus is the human son of Zeus and patronized by Athena. In epic of Mahabharata, Perseus is represented as Yudhisthir and symbolizes “Internal Gaze”. This necessarily means that “Internal Sight” or “Art of Contemplation” is key virtue of Wisdom. Buddhism emphasizes upon systematic harnessing of wisdom through scientific means.

As Swam-Bhagwan Krishna cannot be explained, the real virtues of Wisdom cannot be explained. However Reincarnated Krishna gives a glimpse of “Comprehendible Wisdom”.

Roman myths equate Minerva as the “Goddess of Wisdom”. The Old Testament suggests that “Moses” is the symbol of wisdom.

We shall read more about wisdom through various characters of various mythologies in the book. The chapters over wisdom are scattered throughout the book, as it decodes the mysteries of various religious scriptures.