Meditation is an internal journey wherein a person elevates sequentially through the Kundilini Chakras. This is a solo journey wherein the voyager would not get any external help during the process. All the masters of the past suggest not meditating unless and until the roadmap is clear to the voyager.

Miteiya teaches unique techniques to meditate based upon the teachings of the previous masters. Miteiya’s discourse on “Vishnu Avatars” in part 3 is key to easy meditation. Miteiya’s explanation while decoding “Avadhut Gita” and “Tripura Rahasya” also forms the key teaching of meditation.

In the section called “Yogacarabhumi” written in part 3 of the book, Miteiya reiterates the teachings of Lord Krishna and explains the reason for “Action”. Miteiya’s teaching of Yogacarabhumi using examples from epic of Mahabharata can be one of his key teachings. Miteiya also speaks about meditation while decoding “The Family Members” of Prophet Muhammad who could enter his shroud.

Miteiya believes that Sadhana or Meditation should be practiced only after complete scriptural TEACHING is acquired. To reiterate his views, Miteiya narrates story of “Zeus and the Tortoise”. Miteiya also decodes “Sage Kashyapa” and “Kassapa Buddha” to emphasize upon his view.