Quest is the biggest virtue in the voyage towards Truth. It is not like inquisitiveness or creative imagination but it the strong intent to transform oneself by undertaking the journey of transformation. This strong psyche is represented through the character called Vyas in the epic of Mahabharata.

Quest is not restricted to learning but it is transformation. In Sanatan Dharma, Vyas converges and become Krishna. At the end of the Quest, a person emerges as hero and gets transformed into something better.

Various quests can be seen in the religious scriptures. Some of them can be seen as “Quest of Gilgamesh” and “Quest for the Holy Grail”. In each of the Quest, a voyager takes the journey and transforms into a better being.

Spiritualism is a similar journey, wherein gathering wisdom is just a milestone. In Greek mythology, Zeus is symbol of Quest. The word Why derives from Vyas and such “Why’s” become profound reasons to take the journey.