Sadness arises when a person sees himself or herself in disadvantageous situation. Such a situation arised in case of Vidur as Vyas copulated with a maid and not princesses like Ambika and Ambalika. Sadness is highly complex situation wherein a large part of prefrontal brain gets activated and impacts the functioning of thalamus.

In the epic of Mahabharata, Krishna says that one of the biggest mistakes Kauravs committed was “Under-utilization” of Vidur. Krishna goes further saying had Kauravs used Vidur in appropriate manner, they could get something in comparison with Krishna himself. By saying this Krishna signifying importance of Vidur or Sadness.

In the book, you would notice that Krishna enumerated importance of “Autumn”. Sadness is hence a very important psyche and should be used very carefully. Vidur is painted as “quite and lethargic”, depicting the characteristics of Sadness.

Miteiya has spoken about “Vacuum of Nothingness” at various occasions in the book. He does not criticize these vacuums but motivates voyagers to pierce through the same. Suppression of Sadness could be one of the biggest blunders in human behavior.

Thalamus is a very important area of the brain from where various sensory signals are relayed. This necessarily means that “Sadness” would have a great impact upon senses. In the epic of Mahabharata, Vidur had great influence over Yudhisthir. Sadness has impact upon Consciousness, Sleep and Alertness.

In Dattatreya’s Tripura Rahasya, it is said that enlightenment depends upon achieving a stage wherein there is absence of consciousness, sleep and alertness. Miteiya speaks about Sadness as one of the prime virtues of a voyager. He speaks about growth of Thalamus in the embryo as an event arising before the growth of the brain. This sequence is further strengthened as we follow the storyline of Mahabharata and study the sequential entries of characters in the story.

Miteiya suggests that character of Vidur was also used to incorporate teachings about “Legalism” and “Administration” in the scripture of Mahabharata. Book contains interesting references of Vidur at various junctions.