Second Chakra (Swadhisthana)

The word “Swah” means Self and “Dhisthana” means Displacement. From this position, you have to begin displacing your focus upwards. Please begin to contemplate your entire being on your focal point. Try to concentrate your entire life force on this internal gaze. This is the second chakra situated below belly button and above Muladhara. This chakra is associated with Testes and Ovaries producing testosterone and estrogen in the human body. This chakra is linked with sexual urges.

Miteiya suggest contemplating Varah Avatar of Vishnu depicting a “Boar”. Boar is a sewer animal and resides in excretion. While contemplating, you should imagine yourself lifting the red dot on your front head as Vishnu lifted earth from the depth of the ocean. From Buddhist perspective, you should contemplate “Marichi”, who is like a ray of light. At this stage, you can also contemplate the story of Moses, who is also called “Ray of Light”. From Christian perspective, the thesis of “Seven Rays of Helios” as explained by John, the Baptist. In Buddhism, there is a popular reference of “Vaaji” who was a wild pig, depicting gross desires like Sexual Urge, Hunger and Thirst.

The deity associated with Swadhisthana is “Rakini”, who is black in color and dresses in red. One cannot cross this chakra unless he or she is liberated from the fear of death. Miteiya suggests contemplating David at this stage, who kills Goliath with the help of five stones. This myth necessarily means that once a person has begun to be objective towards senses, the fear of death can be easily eliminated.