Miteiya compares “Jason from Greek mythology” and “Arjun from epic of Mahabharata” to depict the psyche of Self-awareness.

In Part 4 of the book, Miteiya draws a comparison between Arjun and Aaron of Torah. All these characters are symbolic representation of the psyche called “Self-Awareness”.

Miteiya’s discourse on Self-awareness is spread across various pages wherein Arjun’s isolated Exile is decoded. As per a myth, Arjun had to take individual exile as he transgressed the privacy of Yudhisthir.

During this exile, Arjun travels to various places and marries many women. Each of the myth is representation of a particular Chakra in meditation. The decoding of each myth is quite interesting and explains the psyche called Self-Awareness.

Aaron has also been due importance during the decoding of The Old Testament. The biggest mistake of Aaron was erection of the “Golden Calf”. Miteiya explains this well suggesting and warning his readers not to create consensus around religion. It says that people contributed their gold and melted it to forge statue of a Golden Calf. Miteiya has exclusively used Gold as symbol of Wisdom and Silver as symbol of self-awareness. This act of erecting “Golden Calf” depicts that people accumulated their wisdom and tried to create a religion. Mussa killed Aaron for this act.

Similarly Arjun tried to incorporate his own understanding during discussions with Krishna. However, Arjun used polite words and did not deny his submission to Krishna. Krishna lambasted Arjun by calling him Eunuch.